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Our purpose is to provide our clients and their pets the highest standard of veterinarian care available at a reasonable price.

paw.gif (342 bytes)Dogs, Cats, Birds, Exotics, Boarding & Grooming, Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, X-rays, Avian & Exotic Medicine & Surgery by Dr. Joe Alcorn MS, DVM since 1981.

paw.gif (342 bytes)Hours are by appointment and are arranged by calling 909.676.4690 - Mon, Thurs., Fri. 8-6. Tuesday 8-7, Wed. 8 to 4:30. Sat. Call for hours.


paw.gif (342 bytes)24 Hour Emergency
paw.gif (342 bytes)Immunizations/vaccinations
paw.gif (342 bytes)Hospital Release/Home Care
paw.gif (342 bytes)Boarding
paw.gif (342 bytes)Geriatric Program
paw.gif (342 bytes)Dental Services
paw.gif (342 bytes)Skin Disease

paw.gif (342 bytes)Orthopedic Surgery
paw.gif (342 bytes)Radiology (X-rays)
paw.gif (342 bytes)EKG

paw.gif (342 bytes)Critical Care
paw.gif (342 bytes)Radiosurgery
paw.gif (342 bytes)Intravenous
paw.gif (342 bytes)Endoscopy & Arthroscopy
paw.gif (342 bytes)In-House Laboratory

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Dr. Joe Alcorn is the primary care veterinarian at Del Rio Care Hospital. His knowledge is based on years of study and research. He has obtained a Masters Degree (MS) and Doctorate Degree (D.V.M.). Dr. Alcorn maintains the highest standard of care by obtaining new knowledge through extensive continuing education studies each year and his constant review of new information through professional journals and text books.

Dr. Alcorn is a member of: AVMA, AAV, CVMA, AVDS & CAVM


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